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Focused Intention Technique(FIT) A Tool for Healing Trauma

The FIT process is easy to learn and once you do, it’s always at your fingertips—whenever and wherever you need it. You can think of FIT as detoxification for your mind and body.

The body and the mind are resilient and have the innate ability to heal themselves, yet sometimes they just need a bit of guidance. By learning FIT, your healing will be unstoppable!

FIT- A Trauma Focused Approach for Effective Trauma Healing

Our healing happens in stages and levels.  And although the FIT- 11 steps process resolves trauma at the root each time you guide yourself through the process, it’s still important to address the layers of accumulated effects on the nervous system over time.

Hello I’m Loretta and I’m the founder of the FIT trauma reversing process.   I’m a counsellor, a coach, specializing in the human body, trauma, training workshops, and healing retreats.   Over time who we think we are becomes weaved into your mind and if you don’t agree with what your mind has to tell you it creates an internal environment of chaos, resistance, struggle, emotional upset,  physical pain and sickness.

For years and years starting in 1988, I researched the effects of trauma and emotional pain and how to reverse the effects.  There was not much available when I started my healing journey so I became my own advocate and I began experimenting with different energy therapies, life style changes, diet, and learning form what my own and clients healing treatments taught me.

My favorite topic to talk about is the human body and more specifically the subconscious mind body connect and how it works.

It’s fascinating!!!

We are born with a blank slate and throughout our experiences we are programmed to have certain beliefs about who we are, what we can achieve in life, and what type of person we should be.  From the ages of 0 to 6 we are like sponges absorbing everything around us because at this age our brain is in a hypnotic like state, or a theta brain wave state.   At this age 0 to 6 we are setting-up patterns and programs for life style, disease, depression, obesity, and the list goes on.

In my coaching and training sessions I will walk you through the mechanics of the FIT process and how it works.  And I will show you how the mind, body, spirit, thoughts, disease, and who you think you are, are all inter-connected.   In the coaching sessions and training workshops you’ll be guided on how to use the FIT process to reverse patterns and programs that are locked into your subconscious mind.    To read more click here.

Science of How the Mind and Body Interact

Trauma does not have to be a fatal car accident, a death, returning from war, rape, abuse, in my mind the way I view trauma is, if you view the world, others, and self in one way and something happens to you and you view the world, others, and self in a different way that can be a traumatic circumstance.

How are trauma and disease correlated?

Trauma does not have to be a fatal car accident, a death, returning from war, rape, abuse, in my mind the way I view trauma is, if you view the world, others, and self in one way and something happens to you and you view the world, others, and self in a different way that can be a traumatic circumstance.
What stressful life events happen they are recorded as “IS” and that creates a certain level of shock on the mind. Stressors are both physical and psychological and cause inflammation to occur. Reducing inflammation is the key to healing diseases. Initial stress is not bad it’s the continual meaning we attach to the stress that is bad. When we experience stress there is a recording in the subconscious mind, enough of these recordings overtime creates an over stress nervous system, which in return will cause an over production of stress hormones and a suppression on the immune system.

So the golden question, how do we reverse all of this?

The best way I found to take all text book studies off the paper into real life and to intervene and influence stress on the immunity is with Focused Intention Technique or FIT.

If you are at a place in your life where you feel “stuck” and think that nothing helps, then it’s the right time to turn to Focused Intention Technique or FIT.  This tool and approach speaks directly to the unconscious mind allowing for powerful, effective healing and reversal of stored trauma in the unconscious mind.  This proactive method gets to the root of the issue, which thereby can have a profound impact on overcoming obstacles in a quick and safe way.  I am passionate about coaching and teaching clients that struggle with emotional pain, trauma, and chronic illness.


I have been there before.  I understand what if feels like to navigate the murky waters of trauma when it seems as if no one is there to help.  If I would have had a coach and self healing tools when I was stuck, I wouldn’t have had struggled for so long and  I could have regained my life much quicker!  You cannot change what happened but you can change your perception and the heavy feelings the past memory holds.

So what is the FIT Approach doing?

It is completely allowing the subconscious mind to cope with things it did not get to cope with in the past.  This reduces recorded stress carried around our whole life.  When the subconscious mind heals it allows the nervous system to relax.   When the nervous system relaxes there are less erratic signals.   When there are less erratic signals then the endocrine system does not need to be in a chronic state of fight and flight.

We can resolve the trauma around unresolved memories.  We carry our lives with us not only in our minds but all over our bodies.  Our bodies and minds are intrinsically connected.

And here is the take away…the body and the mind are resilient and have the innate ability to heal themselves.   Yet sometimes they just need a bit of guidance.   My wish for you is to be informed and to know there are resources out there to help you feel like your best YOU ever, you can live the life you LOVE!

Many of us are told we’ll have this sickness and symptoms forever and to just accept this pathway of life but in reality I knew different and I was determined with every ounce of my being to get back to who I knew I was.  That girl who existed deep down inside me.   And now I speak about trauma and chronic illness in the past.  Behind me no longer part of me.  If there is someone you know who does not feel good, please tell them there is hope.   If you can heal your mind you heal your life.   Here’s to you, your healthy mind, body, and spirit.  And here’s to never giving up the fight for your vitality.


What is Focused Intention Technique or FIT Effective Trauma Transformational Approach?


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“I think the greatest gift that comes from working with Loretta is how she quickly sees through all the ways we try to avoid clearing our limiting beliefs!”

Hani GKAlthough I read all about the FIT method in her book, I found it helpful to be guided by her because she has a way of sorting out the chaff from the grain very quickly (and gently) so I can focus and be clear in my thoughts and intentions. This proved to move the healing along nicely and much quicker than it would’ve on my own. Her years of experience has definitely benefited and kick started my healing process immensely. I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Loretta – even if you do plan to do FIT on your own – especially the first few times, so you have an idea of how FIT works when done by an expert.    Hani Gurung Khaursar, Malaysia



” After banishing my major block I am able to tap into this higher vibration for the day with very positive results!”

I’ve been listening to your Visualization and I love it! Your voice is very calming and soothing.  The private session was everything you promised and so much more. I find I’m no longer feeling so strongly towards people with judgements and criticisms. I can see and feel how damaging those thoughts are to me and others. I’m much more aware of noticing resistance, acknowledging it and focusing on how best to transform it to living my best life.  Cathy, Calgary, Alberta

FIT works “Period”.  Patty Doxtdator-Hill, Hagersville, Ontario