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 What is Focused Intention Technique or FIT?

Focused Intention Technique Trauma Healing is the fruit of 30 years of trying to understand how people deal with, survive, and heal from traumatic experiences.

When we understand how to integrate the body and brain in the treatment of trauma, we can reduce symptoms, transform treatment, and help you reclaim your life.

Bottom line is trauma affects the brain’s processes and to resolve traumatic stress you need to restore the proper balance between the rational and emotional brains you need to access the limbic system to repair the faulty alarm system and restore the emotional brain to its ordinary job.

Trauma is much more than a story about something that happened long ago. The emotions and physical sensations that were imprinted during the trauma are experienced not as memories but as disruptive physical reactions in the present.

In order to regain control over yourself, you need to revisit the trauma without being retraumatizing by it.

FIT in a brain-savvy intervention that can help you feel safe when processing traumatic memory while you access the limbic system to reverse the affects of trauma in the brain, body, heart, and soul.

Understanding the brain’s role can bring depth and power to your healing process. With the Fit process and with having a trauma informed self-practice you can speed healing and reduce symptoms from traumatized events.

The key to long term results is having a daily self practice so you can become conscious of your survival response pattern and reverse the affects. Healing is done in layers. Each FIT process you do is key to reversing the effects trauma on the body, brain, heart and soul.

We’re here to help you switch-on your body’s self-repair mechanisms function!
Your nervous system has two operating systems — the “fight-or-flight” stress response dominated by the sympathetic nervous system and the relaxation response run by the parasympathetic nervous system.

Only when your nervous system is in a relaxation response does your body’s self-repair mechanisms function!

What Triggers Your “SELF- REPAIR HEALING MODE” to switch-off?

Signals to the amygdala that trigger the stress responses.  Scary messages to your amygdala that turn on the “fight-or-flight” response on a regular basis  creates a chronic stress response and switches off the self healing mechanisms.

Triggers like:

Feelings of loneliness, hunger, toxic relationships, childhood traumas, unresolved issues, unforgiven resentments, anger, feelings of helplessness, negative thoughts, overwhelming emotions, and PTSD.

You Can Reverse the Effects of Chronic Stress Response

When you  work on your invisible often hidden dis-empowering triggers and reclaim the wholeness. When you do, you treat your mind and body with the best medicine by activating the body’s natural self-repair mechanisms, which only function properly when your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings are healthy. When you treat yourself this way, you make your body ripe for miracles and FREEDOM.

Focused Intention Technique(FIT) is an excellent way to reverse the effects of chronic stress , to learn how to turn-off the fight-or-flight” stress response and turning-on the relaxation response(self healing mechanisms).

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your stress responses, you get these types of results?


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“I think the greatest gift that comes from working with Loretta is how she quickly sees through all the ways we try to avoid clearing our limiting beliefs!”

Hani GKAlthough I read all about the FIT method in her book, I found it helpful to be guided by her because she has a way of sorting out the chaff from the grain very quickly (and gently) so I can focus and be clear in my thoughts and intentions. This proved to move the healing along nicely and much quicker than it would’ve on my own. Her years of experience has definitely benefited and kick started my healing process immensely. I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Loretta – even if you do plan to do FIT on your own – especially the first few times, so you have an idea of how FIT works when done by an expert.    Hani Gurung Khaursar, Malaysia



” After banishing my major block I am able to tap into this higher vibration for the day with very positive results!”

I’ve been listening to your Visualization and I love it! Your voice is very calming and soothing.  The private session was everything you promised and so much more. I find I’m no longer feeling so strongly towards people with judgements and criticisms. I can see and feel how damaging those thoughts are to me and others. I’m much more aware of noticing resistance, acknowledging it and focusing on how best to transform it to living my best life.  Cathy, Calgary, Alberta