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Up-coming Training Dates

Basic and Advance

4 Day Advance FIT March 22, 22, 23, 24,  2018,   Time: 4:30 to 9:30pm

Basic FIT April 21 & 22, 2018, Edmonton, Alberta

Advance FIT April   23, 24, 25 2018 Edmonton, Alberta

FIT Anatomy of Intuitive Energy Healing

New Credit, Ontario – March 22-29, 2018  –  Location: New Credit United Church

Edmonton, Alberta – April  23-May 1, 2018 – Location TBA

Become the person you know you want and are

meant to be.

Join me in a FIT workshop or a private heart healing session

and discover

how a pure heart will not only help you to hear the signs and signals of the universe for your calling, but also to live your true-self in love, manifest your soul purpose, infinite light, and gifts for the world.


The good news is, if you are tired of struggling and are “done” being stuck…

There is another way…


I’m Loretta Mohl.  After more than 30 years of coaching thousands of people worldwide to get out of their own way and fulfill their purpose, I discovered the missing connection between dreaming your dreams and living them. I’ve learned that most heart-centered people have 3 things in common that prevent them from creating a life they love. They tend to:

  • Sabotage their dreams with fears and limiting beliefs.
  • Have trouble getting clear about the best steps to take to move forward.
  • Underestimate the power of focus and intention to help them reach their goals.

You can have the success you dream about… You can stop struggling and have the abundance you want. All it takes is releasing your fears and getting out of your own way so you can make clear decisions about what to do next.

Here is the truth – I know what it’s like to struggle. I’ve had days, weeks and even months when I feared I’d stay stuck forever. That’s human.

However, take it from me…

You don’t have to be stuck anymore!

What if you could create a life you love?

What if you can get exceptional results and feel inspired to be at your best?

Are you ready to:

  • Open your heart
  • Clear your energy blocks
  • Heal your traumas and wounds of the soul
  • Reconnect you deeper to yourself
  • Regain your power
  • Perceive your inner wisdom
  • Free your soul and
  • Be more grounded


For more information on my FIT Coaching Training Program, The 3 Step FIT Life Visioning Method Coaching Program™, or  The FIT Training Programs, click on the program of interest.


What is Focused Intention Technique or FIT Effective Trauma Transformational Approach?

Book a private session with Loretta or register in an up-coming workshop or retreats.

“I think the greatest gift that comes from working with Loretta is how she quickly sees through all the ways we try to avoid clearing our limiting beliefs!”

Hani GKAlthough I read all about the FIT method in her book, I found it helpful to be guided by her because she has a way of sorting out the chaff from the grain very quickly (and gently) so I can focus and be clear in my thoughts and intentions. This proved to move the healing along nicely and much quicker than it would’ve on my own. Her years of experience has definitely benefited and kick started my healing process immensely. I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Loretta – even if you do plan to do FIT on your own – especially the first few times, so you have an idea of how FIT works when done by an expert.    Hani Gurung Khaursar, Malaysia





” After banishing my major block I am able to tap into this higher vibration for the day with very positive results!”

I’ve been listening to your Visualization and I love it! Your voice is very calming and soothing.  The private session was everything you promised and so much more. I find I’m no longer feeling so strongly towards people with judgements and criticisms. I can see and feel how damaging those thoughts are to me and others. I’m much more aware of noticing resistance, acknowledging it and focusing on how best to transform it to living my best life.  Cathy, Calgary, Alberta


FIT works “Period”.  Patty Doxtdator-Hill, Hagersville, Ontario