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Private Healing and Counselling Session

“One of your greatest devotion is your loyalty to your path” ~ Loretta

Intensive Healing – 1.5 hours

From my heart to yours I’m here for both FIT private sessions and to teach FIT in live workshops or from the comfort of your home if you’re unable to attend one of the workshops.  Learn the FIT 11-steps click here.

FIT sessions are an in-depth healing experience to:

  • Open your heart
  • Clear your energy blocks
  • Heal your traumas and wounds of the soul
  • Reconnect you deeper to yourself
  • Regain your power
  • Perceive your inner wisdom
  • Free your soul

Did you know that each FIT session is a Soul Retrieval…..

When we have a trauma it fractures our soul. In each of the FIT 11-steps sessions, you’re bringing back your fractured pieces of your soul that have occurred during a traumatic experience. The traumatic experience is not necessary something major but of course, can be. It can be a small. Traumas in your life trigger feelings of incompleteness, lack, limitedness, and fears – in a FIT session you’re transforming these into peace and wholeness.

With blessings, may you are then able to walk your path in a more open and overflowing heart.


 1.5 hour 1:1  Skype or Telephone

Your Investment: $150 USD

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