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Basic Focused Intention Technique 2 Day Training

Level 1: Learning the Basic Focused Intention Technique with a Focus on Trauma Informed Self-Care and Healing

Trauma is complicated but the way we understand how trauma affects the brain and body have changed a lot in the last several years and we now have deeper insights into the nature of trauma that simply didn’t exist, even a short time ago.

You see, when I look back, there was a lot of things about the treatment of trauma that seemed intuitive to me but I had no science to back them up. But now, we have that science.

Researchers studying trauma can now show what actually happens – in the brain and in our nervous system – during and after a traumatic event. And understanding the role of the brain and nervous system can bring depth and power to our interventions and healings.

Focused Intention Technique Basic Training program gathers all the latest information on the treatment of trauma to help our students, practitioners, and clients calm their nervous system, process traumatic memories, and start to practice the essential skill of self-regulation with the FIT 11-Steps.

In basic training, you’ll learn how to connect with your body and follow your heart to access your endless unlimited potential. Your heart center is your intuition and it can see the future. It knows your passion and why you are here. There are miraculous capabilities inside us and during the FIT basic training your shown how to access them.

Our bodies have the amazing abilities to heal themselves. What is more amazing is we are not taught how to access and activate this inner gifts or abilities or we’re taught it is not possible. Hearing, seeing, witnessing these inner abilities is a must if we are to live our life with a vibration and expansiveness that radiates our inner light of JOY and LIFE.

Workshop Benefits:

Workshop Benefits:

  • Learn the FIT 11 Step process to use on yourself and to understand how trauma affect the body and brain.
  • Identify and reverse traumas at the place of origin to heal your life and improve your health.
  • Self-Empowerment
  • Develop insight into the limiting beliefs that stop you from living from feeling joy and freedom.
  • Learn how to identify, interpret, and transform your beliefs that stop you from living life with purpose.
  • Learn how to access the bodies healing wisdom.
  • Improve your ability for self-expression, and self-confidence.
  • Create a lasting state of calm.
  • Connect with your inner guidance and higher self.
  • Take down the barriers in your heart that prevent you from opening up to your greatness.
  • Connect with your life purpose and passions.
  • Align your energies of thoughts, words and actions so you can easily attract what you want in life.
  • Stop addictions.
  • Increase energy, health, inner happiness, and joy

Includes 28-day FIT Authentic Self Practice online support group following the 2-day training.   This Basic FIT training and the 28-day self-practice are both required to attend all other FIT Advance training and healing seminars.

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