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Transformational Retreat In Paradise

Bali June 2017 10 Day Charkra Journey Retreat “Tapping into Your True Vibration” – June 21 to July 1, 2017


Join Loretta Mohl for a 5 Day Bali Healing Retreat – July 17-21, 2017


Now, it’s YOUR TIME to inspire your dreams and ignite your powerful ability to create the life you’ve always imagined!

Plan your own retreat in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

During this private retreat, feel yourself become rejuvenated, rebalanced and activated. You deserve it.

Are you ready to begin the journey of your life and manifest the potential of your soul in every moment?

soul unlimited5

In this serene yet vibrant setting with a small group of heart-centered women, it’s the opportunity to get in touch with YOUR DEEPEST DREAMS through personalized guidance with Loretta Mohl.

Forget about feeling alone, stuck, overwhelmed or powerless… This TRANSFORMATION RETREAT is here for you, however you show up. We’re here to guide you to shed what’s no longer working, source your inner power, and allow yourself to receive abundance!

It’s my dream and deepest desire to uplift you in creating RAPID CHANGE to EMBODY THE BEST YOU CAN BE…to reflect more vibrancy, joy, calmness and confidence than you can imagine!


Be clear about your next steps within your life and business…daily.

Power up your inner fire!
Transform your money story so you can share your message and live a lifestyle you love.
Feel safe to embody and express your feelings.
Open the gateways to your heart.

This TRANSFORMATIONAL RETREAT in paradise is for those who are ready and want to:

Move beyond limiting, self-imposed boundaries.

Tap into unlimited, creative potential.

Become confident in your visibility as you claim and live with passion

Set and achieve realistic goals.

Reveal their talent and unique genius so their life and business can prosper.


Finally! A retreat tailored to your needs and desires, let your BEAUTY & BRILLIANCE shine!

Here’s what you can expect at the TRANSFORMATIONAL RETREAT :

You just relax with friends and enjoy body treatments or you can do deep inner work together….

I’ll be offering  – a powerful proven blueprint, to clear internal blocks that effect your mindset, your heart connection, you health, your wealth, your business, and your relationships!

I’ll show you how to quickly and easily reach a deep meditative state within minutes.

I’ll teach you about the new breakthroughs in neuroscience that will help you get even better inspired results that effortless flow through.

I’ll guide you through a combination of powerful principles and practical activities to fully integrate and apply this work to your own life.

I’ll show you how to tap into your inner resources, release limiting beliefs to boost confidence, improve health, vitality, and mindset.

You’ll find and eliminate your money blocks.

You’ll discover how to set and achieve worthy goals. Shift the way you align with your purpose, heart, and soul.

You’ll discover how to honor and love yourself, as well as others.

You’ll learn to live your life with inspiration, passion, purpose and power to see endless possibilities.

You’ll release negative impressions that have been implanted into your subconscious.

You’ll learn how to welcome change and challenges in your life, and meet them with joy and gusto.


“Thank you for the retreat. It’s hard to verbalize what the change in my life means to me. In the retreat, you explain that our emotions are like an onion, in many layers. I thought I understood what that meant, until I spent a whole week with you doing the FIT process under your guidance. Everyone should attend this retreat! The FIT learning process is truly an example of: “ If some is good, more is better”. The gift of nurturing myself is something that I never felt deserving of. There was always an excuse, including too much to do or somebody else to look after, I could insert a dozen excuses for not showing up for myself. I now realize that the best gift I can give is to nurture myself, and all those around me reap the benefits! I look forward to again giving myself the gift of the time under your guidance at another retreat. Thank You and I am forever grateful.”        ~ Shannon Franchuk Trefiak, Canada.

This RETREAT in Paradise has something for everyone. I’m adept at creating a safe space where you can experience amazing results in a very supportive environment. Your experience at the retreat will transform your life!

We’re going to have a BLAST…because that’s how I like to live my life…I like to laugh, love and have fun! I can’t wait to meet you and witness your amazing transformation and embodiment! Together we can explore and get to the root of what may be holding you back, and release whatever is in the way of you becoming the best you can be. I can teach you how to belief bust, reprogram and see, speak and manifest your own empowered truth. Freedom awaits you!


Take a Leap of Faith. Dive into Your Heart!

What would a RAPID CHANGE heart-centered retreat be without a group of co-authors to offer girlfriend wisdom, encouragement and power-packed tools to help integrate your highest self?

Take a leap of faith! Tune into your joyous creative center. And dive straight into your heart for an adventure of a lifetime! That’s where the source, the juice, the passion for life exists, right in your heart!

Finally, you can have the life you truly desire and deserve…

Here are just a few of the ways that the Retreat in Paradise will transform your life:


  • You’ll Start each day full of new energy, stamina, power and good humor…
  • Barriers to your success suddenly drop away (those things that seemed too difficult before start to happen effortlessly for you…)
  • Find the lover of your dreams, or transform your present relationship to unimagined heights
  • You smile a lot more because you are happier! (you experience more joy, love and happiness in every area of your life)individual)
  • Suddenly and amazingly, new opportunities will appear for you where none existed before (your toughest decision will be choosing from all the options available to you!)
  • Your confidence skyrockets!
  • Permanently eliminate procrastination, fear and self-doubt…and replace it with a newly empowered BELIEF IN YOURSELF!
  • Good ideas start to flow freely (you’ll get an avalanche of brilliant new ideas you can literally “take to the bank!”)
  • You have a level of control over your life like you’ve never before experienced!
  • Boost your mental clarity, concentration, intuition and focus!
  • Skyrocket your enthusiasm and motivation to exciting new levels!
  • Unlock your subconscious mind and literally begin to “attract” luck, new love, wealth and better health into your life…
  • And so much more….


The REWARDS of removing your LIMITING BELIEFS are INVALUABLE to your future.   If what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked, doesn’t it make sense to try something different?

Remember, when you recognize your worth, you give others around you permission to embrace the MAGNIFICENT YOU and be the best version of their selves as well! …Everyone deserves to live without limiting beliefs. We’re all entitled to live a healthy, robust and inspired life overflowing with PEACE, LOVE and HAPPINESS!

The Retreat Location and Registration Details

The Retreat will be hosted at the Azul Fives Hotel, which is a safe five star hotel in Mexico. This resort is strategically located in Playa del Carmen on the Riviera Maya, Mexico, just 35 minutes south of Cancun International Airport and 10 minutes from Playa del Carmen.
Retreat Accommodations.

The Azul Fives Hotel is tastefully designed in contemporary architectural style. You will love the lush tropical gardens which frame views of both the Caribbean Sea and the hotel’s many crystal clear pools.

The resort offers some fantastic amenities including a health bar, it serves a variety of exotic fruit juices, smoothies and healthy drinks,
Azul Fives offers you a taste for culinary excellence with four gourmet inclusive restaurants.

Registration Investment

Price is based on number of people attending. Contact to plan your private retreat details.


Azul Fives Hotel Resort

Includes  accommodations (double occupancy), gym, all hotel activities. For a complete list of what is included at the hotel please refer to their website. 7 Nights
In order to secure a booking during high season, please email and  secure your spot with a deposit.


For more information, email
Not included: Flights, ground transportation, airport pick-up. Airport pick-up and drop off is available for $100  USD for up to 4 people. Must be prebooked.  Group tours, massages, pedicures, detox foot baths ect.
For additional Cost:


Space is limited to 5 or 6 people.

If you would like to arrange a call to plan your retreat, email at



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