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Basic Focused Intention Technique – FIT Practitioner Certification


Up-coming Basic FIT Certification Training

 April 21 & 22, 2018 – Edmonton, AB

Location: TBA


FIT is easy to learn and once you do, it’s always at your fingertips—whenever and wherever you need it. You can think of FIT as detoxification for your mind and body. By learning FIT, your healing will be unstoppable!


Kick Start Your Body’s Self- Repair Healing Mechanisms


Did you know that stress and unresolved trauma triggers shut down the “Body’s Self-Repair Mechanisms”, affecting the structure and function of the brain, mind, body, as well as soul.

With the FIT Basic Method you can stop and reverse the effects of trauma, chronic stress, and unresolved triggers.

In the FIT Basic Training, you will learn how to turn-off the chronic “fight-or-flight” stress response dominated by the sympathetic nervous system, turning-on the relaxation response (self-healing mechanisms) run by the parasympathetic nervous system –  to turn-on your greatest life!

You don’t have to be at the mercy of your stress response.

In this Basic FIT training, you will learn how to apply the FIT 11-Step Method, while also learning these 5 step to turn-on your self-healing mechanisms to heal trauma and create your greatest life.

Step 1: You will learn the FIT 11-steps process to identify and eliminate the beliefs that keep you believing you can’t heal yourself. In this workshop, you will dig deep to find the hidden beliefs that are stopping you from turning on self-healing and heart connection.

Step 2: You will have loving, nurturing, safe support to ensure you that you won’t be alone on your healing journey. Loretta knows the importance of loving, nurturing, support to feel safe, and she is committed to holding a safe, loving, space for your healing journey.

Step 3: You will learn to listen to your body and your intuition/soul. Nobody knows your body better than you. Your body speaks. It is important to listen to your intuition and trust what it tells you. It’s the voice of your inner wisdom and it will always lead you directly to your soul love.

Step 4: You will practice the FIT 11-steps while you diagnose the root causes of your trauma, issues, and chronic stress response. In the workshop, you will do some deep inner healing with the FIT method to get at the root of what is triggering the stress responses in your body and deactivated your body’s self-healing mechanisms; thereby, making your body vulnerable to struggle, helplessness, and illness. You will look at the aspects of your life that are activating your stress responses?

Step 5: You will create a plan for on-going self-care and self-healing.


Are You Ready To Turn-on the Self Repair Mechanisms?


FIT is medicine for the soul. It gets to the heart of the matter by addressing the underlying cause of trauma and stress to kick start your natural self-healing repair mechanisms to assist in healing the body, mind, and soul. With deep healing and daily consistent self-care, you can turn-on your self-healing and heart soul love. Sometimes, the wounds we experience run so deep…it can be difficult to imagine a way toward forgiveness.

Someone who knows personally how hard that can be is Loretta Mohl.

For years, Loretta carried the wounds of a traumatic childhood, as well as the ups and downs of love and loss.

Through using the FIT process with focus and intention, she’s met – and continues to heal – all these experiences with grace and the body’s wisdom.

Loretta’s work has touched many lives, and this program is your opportunity to benefit firsthand from her wealth of experience and knowledge.

Through her teachings, you will discover how the power of Focus and Intention (mindfulness) opens us to the freedom of compassion and forgiveness, even after being deeply wounded by another.


You are invited to deeply experience the benefits of FIT and connect with your true self.


By listening to your wise heart, you can find peace, joy, clarity, and the unshakeable ability to remain centered through life’s toughest challenges.

You will learn to become more fully present – even within the fast-paced tempo of life.

FIT Basic Training can help you release the weight of grief you carry in your body and heart, that comes from living through traumatic event, and experience the freedom of compassion and forgiveness even after being deeply wounded by another.

You can open your heart to true happiness and satisfaction – by discovering a new way to nurture the inner wholeness that lives inside you … and in those around you.


This is an invitation to fill your life with greater health, peace, clarity, and freedom.


Imagine tackling every problem you face with complete presence, an open heart, and your highest intentions.

Imagine a greater sense of peace and freedom. Imagine forming powerful new relationships, and reviving old ones. Imagine moving through the world with more conviction, enthusiasm, and spirit.

The FIT Basic program will help you begin your journey toward deeper meaning, greater joy, and extraordinary satisfaction in everything you do.


You’ll learn the FIT-11 Step System while you turn-on your the body’s self-repair mechanism:

• Overcome emotional blocks to your success
• Discover what’s been driving you and how to take control of your decision-making centre
• Overcome self-sabotage and procrastination to take massive action on your goals and dreams
• Release bad habits, addictions, cravings, and easily create new, more beneficial habits
• Ditch guilt, self-judgement, and other negative emotional patterns, and access your inner joy
• Create your success from the inside out, and get enough of what you really want.

Recommended Background

No prior background or previous experience is required for FIT training — only a desire for wellness, as well as a drive to support the health and wellness of self and others.

Who Should Attend

• No prior background needed to attend, just an open mind to learn how to heal trauma and issues.   This training is open to everyone.
• Coaches, counsellors, massage therapists, & practitioners who want to learn new technique for personal self-care and  to help their clients, overcome their past programming & build a better future.
• Please contact me if you have additional questions,

What’s Involved

Course structure and objectives.

Basic FIT is a live two-and-half day program led by the founder Loretta Mohl. It also includes 28 days of FIT practice and support.

This 28-day practice will assist you with information and exercises to consciously use the Focused Intention Technique. It is widely accepted that it generally takes about 28 days to develop a level of unconscious competence when learning a new skill or when changing habitual patterns. This means that you must live consciously for 4 weeks or 28 days – deliberately taking a block of time for yourself – to practice the technique on areas in your life for which you would like to make changes.

After completion of the 4 weeks, you will have the potential of having FIT constantly operating within you at a core unconscious level in your life.

Your Benefits:

Develop authentic self-practice that is sustainable

Face your past and present fears

Wake-up and become conscious journeyer

Reclaim and integrate disowned parts of yourself

Experience a state of enlightenment

Awaken to who you are and your life purpose

Develop an unconscious competence to using FIT

Achieve emotional independence

Live your greatest life

Upon completion of the entire training course, you will be able to:

  • Comprehend the physiology of trauma and how it manifests in the body and mind.
  • Understand the benefits of FIT for those who have been exposed to trauma.
  • Embody the FIT principles, philosophies, and 11-step process and have a sustainable daily self-care practice.
  • Apply the FIT-11 steps to address and support symptoms and cause of trauma.


Investment includes  training plus 28-day FIT practice and support following the training.


Click below to register early. $100 deposit to register, remainder due the day of the workshop.

Manual is the FIT Book, which for $15 can be bought early from Rockin Horse Centre

Investment: $550, plus Unlimited You Book Manual, $15

Time:  10:00 a.m. to 5:00 pm daily





Edmonton click here to register for Introduction only.

For Edmonton click here for full payment.

Includes 28-day FIT Authentic Self Practice online support group following the 2-day training.   This Basic FIT training and the 28-day self-practice are both required to attend all other FIT Advance training and healing seminars.

About the Facilitator

 Loretta is a best selling author and founder of FIT Method.   She lives the life she loves in Mexico.  Loretta will help you quickly “take action” to break through your dis-empowering  invisible blocks to “kick start” living the life you love with joy and unlimited potential.  Loretta’s expertise is transforming limitation so people can align and connect to who they are, then allow what they want to flow into their experience.

Here’s what folks have had to say about working with Loretta:

Debbie216250168_nLoretta has been a beautiful friend, mentor and teacher of mine for the past 8 years. Upon our first meeting, I was instantly drawn to the healing modality Focused Intention Technique (FIT) that she was presenting. This unique process was developed by Loretta after years of working with many other modalities. Over the last 8 years I have trained and personally worked on my issues using FIT.    I am excited that Loretta is doing on-going FIT workshop in Canada. If you are interested in balancing Body, Mind & Spirit or looking for profound tools to add to your healing practice, I highly recommend you take one of her FIT workshops.  Debbie Denby- Marsollier, Meadow Lake, SK , Canada

12734237_10154647336049199_1187069466258182428_nI just would also like to say thank you for the weekend workshop, it was such a wonderful experience and so nice to meet a bunch of truly amazing woman.   This weekend gave me the tools to overcome a lack of self esteem and to gain a sense of self love as well as open the door to many many more resources I can continue to use each and everyday. As well I am so glad to have met you in person, you absolutely shine and inspire me. 💚💚💚💚 Love and light,  Natasha Hicks, Alberta



marianne SgoodAnyone out there want to heal from the inside out for good?  This is the one investment to yourself with nothing but positive results.  It’s the best thing I experienced throughout all my experiences. The FIT healing modality is truly the one that guarantees success and permanent resolution for working through trauma of any kind.  The changes are permanent, long lasting.  It’s non-threatening and the support and teachings are simple, you become acquainted with the steps, practice daily and VOILA!!!  Experiential learning experience like no other. I challenge you to begin taking care of your own soul once and for all. I am transforming my negative belief systems and honoring myself every day. I DESERVE IT. Marianne Secora, BSW, Edmonton, Alberta Canada



Hani GK“I think the greatest gift that comes with working with Loretta is how she quickly sees through all the ways we try to avoid clearing our limiting beliefs lol! Although I read all about the FIT method in her book, I found it helpful to be guided by her because she has a way of sorting out the chaff from the grain very quickly (and gently) so I can focus and be clear in my thoughts and intentions. This proved to move the healing along nicely and much quicker than it would’ve on my own. Her years of experience has definitely benefited and kick started my healing process immensely. I would definitely recommend everyone to work with Loretta – even if you do plan to do FIT on your own – especially the first few times, so you have an idea of how FIT works when done by an expert.”   Hani Gurung Khaursar, World travellor



293954_10150342997544108_6048591_n“My experience with working with Loretta as a coach, is simply amazing, she has a calm and supporting way of helping you guide through your issues and situations where you get stuck, she is clear and gives good teaching skills, I feel as though I have received a great gift, Loretta guides you back to the moment when things go off track, she does this using her way of leading rather than telling you what to do, she reminds us that it comes from within, our thoughts our feelings, not directed to be what someone thinks it should be. My experience as Loretta as my coach is very clear and helpful informative, her insight and intuition is outstanding, I am blessed.” Willie Baase, Campbell River, BC, Canada



franwI have been working with Loretta Mohl since 2006, when I started my healing journey. From client to student to certified FIT Coach, Basic Facilitator, and now international best selling co-author.  Open your heart and soul wide open with positive emotions and incredible opportunities. Fran Welter Coach/Facilitator, Edmonton, Alberts




jane bLoretta Mohl, founder of Focused Intention Technique has found a way to help awaken the human consciousness to the spiritual truth. As a teacher of Basic F.I.T. certification, I have received guidance and continued support from Loretta which keeps me aware of my consciousness. I have discovered the more I practice and teach FIT I awaken more and more to a greater level of consciousness. The manual “Unlimited You” is an experience in its self. The 11 steps are thoroughly explained in a way one can see how the process works on an emotional, mental and spiritual way. It is with honor and sincere pleasure that I teach and promote the method which is awakening the world. Jane Burning RSW, FIT Coach/Facilitator, Oshwenken, Ontario, Canada