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Focused Intention Technique(FIT) Training and TransformationaI Programs

FIT Levels of Training and Healing for Trauma

For details on each training level click on the name and it will take you to that page.

Step 1: FIT Basic training you learn the FIT 11-step process for completing unresolved trauma, while you apply the steps to your unresolved issues and traumas.

Step 2: FIT Intermediate you take your healing to a deeper level while you learn to master the 11 steps and change your recurring patterns that keep you stuck and unsatisfied.

Step:3 Identify and Break Out of Recurring Patterns in Your Life. Online video training where you work at your pace from the comfort of your home.  Basic FIT required.

To resolve our trauma completely(s) it’s important to bring light to our unconscious recurring limiting patterns that we acquire from an early age to keep us safe. This online training is an excellent next step after taking a Basic or Basic and Intermediate FIT training session.

Step 4:  Certified FIT Coach Training:  For those professionals who want to take this into their private practice.  Work on-one with Loretta over a period of 2 to 3 months

Extra Training and Healing Retreats.  Join Loretta in Mexico or in one of her other location where is offers intensive healing retreats to recharge and explore life changes.

The FIT Intuitive Healing Intensive 10 Day Training offered once or twice a year.  This is an excellent step for those interested in taking their healing to a deeper level personal or professionally.


You are invited to deeply experience the benefits of FIT and connect with your true self.

By listening to your wise heart, you can find peace, joy, clarity, and the unshakeable ability to remain centered through life’s toughest challenges.
You’ll learn to become more fully present even within the fast-paced tempo of life and learn how to create connection with your Sacred Bundle within .

FIT Basic Training can help you release the weight of unresolved traumas and issues that we carry in your bodies and hearts, that comes from living through traumatic events, and experience the freedom of compassion and forgiveness even after being deeply wounded by another.

You can open your heart to true happiness and satisfaction – by discovering a new way to nurture the inner wholeness that lives inside you . . . and in those around you.

This is an invitation to fill your life with greater peace, clarity, and freedom .

Imagine tackling every problem you face with complete presence, an open heart, and your highest intentions.

Imagine a greater sense of peace and freedom. Imagine forming powerful new relationships, and reviving old ones. Imagine moving through the world with more conviction, enthusiasm, and spirit.

The FIT Basic program will help you begin your journey toward deeper meaning, greater joy, and extraordinary satisfaction in everything you do.

In the FIT Basic Training you’ll learn the FIT-11 Step System while you release your trapped trauma to:

• Use the FIT process to resolve traumas and issues at their origin,  to overcome physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual blocks to discovering and embracing who you really are.
• Release bad habits, addictions, cravings, and easily create new, more beneficial self soothing and self care habits
• Ditch guilt, self-judgement, and other negative emotional patterns, and access your inner joy
• Create your success from the inside out, and get enough of what you really want.

In the FIT  Intermediate Trainings You’ll take Your healing to a deeper level while you release your heart, soothe your soul, and reprogram your survival strategy or patterns:

Our survival strategies are habitual and due to past events and trauma we become over sensitive and the nervous system become over loaded and cause us to stay stuck and stop our ongoing healing practice.  And it’s all so automatic. Therefore, to ensure long lasting results we need to take care of our nervous system and reprogram the overload(change your survival strategies). We need to give special attention and intention to reprogram our survival strategy consciously for a period of time. All of this is easy to over come but it’s important to understand the concepts of what happens with the heart, spirit, soul, brain and the body.

• Now that you know the FIT-11 steps you can  feel safer going deeper with your  healing and transformation journey.

• Harness your inner power while you go DEEP and reprogram your conscious and subconscious mind, reprogram the brain, and reorganize the nervous system(find out why this is key in getting the results you desire)

• In the workshop you’ll have the opportunity to reprogrammed and heal  the vagus nerve(2nd largest nerve in the body and it wanders into every body system.   This wandering nerve intersects every energetic system in the body and plays a key role in reorganizing your nervous system to banish the unconscious blocks and have success in our healing sessions to stop looping of recurring issues.   In the workshop you’ll use the vagus nerve branches to track the imprints in each of the organ system and the FIT 11 step system to eliminate the imprints. The healing results are deep and profound.

• In the workshop you will use the FIT 11 steps to disarm and remove trauma, imprints, soul wounds, to understand how to work with unresolved issues.  Then you will use the follow-up 21 day support program to continue with your on-going reprogramming and  self-care program for your nervous system.

Who Is The FIT Training For?

• Anyone who wants to improve their life, resolve traumas, heal their body, mind, and soul and overcome recurring stuck programs and patterns.
• Anyone who has been frustrated in trying to achieve goals or change their habits.
• Coaches, counsellors, & practitioners who want to learn new technique for their own personal self-care and to help their clients


FIT has changed my life and the way I approach the challenges of my mind !

Before I have started with FIT I was a victim of my thoughts and emotions – even aware of them and the circle of my life I had no idea how to really change the subconscious habits that made me attracted the people whom I always had to proof myself and still whilst being amongst friends and family feel excluded and abandoned –

Through my work with Fit / Loretta I have peeled into my deepest core issues and believe systems whilst being able to change them and find the peace and bring back the love — I know can accept love and I am not afraid of it anymore. I feel I can so much easier speak my truth without the fear for being left and abandoned. I finally have found a way of loving and truly accepting myself – and whatever obstacle tries to come my way to challenge that – that feeling is observed and changed with the FIT 11 step process to go deeper into accepting the fullness of which I am . I am so grateful to have found this tool and after such a long journey of search I am now able to do the CHANGE (myself) !!

Thank you so very much

Yvonne – Playa de Carmen, Mexico – Yoga /Reiki Teacher and ABET practitioner


Focused Intention Technique Basic Training (FIT)  Live 2.5-Day Workshop – $550 (includes a 28 day online support program)

Focused Intention Technique Intermediate Training (FIT)  Live 3-Day Workshop – $650(21 Day support program following the training)


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