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FIT Anatomy of Intuitive Energy Healing – A 30 Day Training in Intuitive Anatomy

“The Body and the mind are resilient and have the innate ability to heal themselves, yet sometimes they just need a bit of guidance.”

Up-coming Training Dates

New Credit, Ontario – March 21-29, 2018  –  Location: New Credit United Church

Edmonton, Alberta – April  23-May 1, 2018 – Location TBA

We are born with clean slates but all life experiences are recorded and stored in the body in patterns and if not reversed they accumulate and can cause disease.  In are own self healing and in are work as healers and therapists we like to develop the ability to see or sense what is happening inside the physical body, the mind, and what we call the invisible or unknow. This workshop will explore ways of  seeing, assessing and reversing what is happening within the body, mind, and the energy field.

This is a fantastic class to get to know your inner self and enhance your ability to intuitively scan the body and reverse the effects of patterns that cause disease. Discovering and clearing patterns for yourself and the practical daily exercises with other students will give you confidence in your own ability as an Intutive FIT Practitioner. You will spend 9 glorious days going through the bodies systems intuitively to discover the memories, emotions and beliefs that are linked to chronic illness, diseases, patterns that accumulate energetically and the effect on the physical body.

This is a workshop for the serious healers and practitioners who desire to become highly skilled at scanning and healing within the physical and energetic body using the FIT process and approach; and who want to develop their intuitive ability to understand and see something immediately.   We’ll use our intuition to work with the physical and subtle energies of the body.

In Intuitive Anatomy – Intuitive Energy Healing Certification 9 Day Workshop, you’ll be working closely with the nervous system which includes the amazing vagus nerve, which is the second largest in the body.

The wandering vagus nerve intersects every energetic system in the body and plays a key role in reorganizing your nervous system to banish/reverse the unconscious blocks in subconscious mind that cause disease and disharmony.

We’ll explore in detail the connection between the  Vagus nerve, brain and the digestive system, and the cause of many conditions for example Irritable bowel syndrome.


This class will give students guidance to:

  • Learn the magic of the human body on all levels.
  • Join together to create an energetic, powerful group to learn, How to Harness Your Life Force Energy for Health, Wealth, and Happiness.
  • Learn how achieving coherence between your deepest desires and your soul’s calling, I’ll lead to a life filled with purpose, meaning and greatness.
  • Discover unresolved programs, patterns, and beliefs that are attached to body systems and reverse them
  • Learn to heighten your intuitive abilities.
  • Becoming highly skilled at scanning the physical and energetic bodies and to learn how to put  trauma and chronic illness in the past, so its no longer part of the body and mind
  • A brief overview of physical anatomy.
  • See the human and energetic body in a new way as you learn to connect to and trust your inner knowing for diagnosis and working with clients.
  • Recognizing that emotions are signals that the body is out of balance

During the live 9 days students will be challenged by their beliefs, issues and emotions that will assist in bringing them clarity, satisfaction, confidence, empowerment, freedom, and a sense of fulfillment.  This is a highly recommended class for the serious Holistic Practitioners.    Total days of training, 30 days. Includes 9 days live training, plus 21 days online group training to apply and reenforce the 9 day teachings.

There’s something in you that wants to emerge. And when you apply what you learn in in this training, you’ll vibrate with pure potentiality. And you’ll become and radiate a bigger and better rendition of yourself… You’ll come to understand your true, eternal nature as a spiritual being, made of love, intelligence, beauty and plenitude.  And as you practice you become more ept of hearing and seeing the invisible or unknow fields.


Workshop Facilitator Loretta Mohl, Founder of Focused Intention Technique

LORETTA is an intuitive healer, channel, visionary, artist, author, and coach.  Her early struggles and experiences brought her to seek her purpose, and eventually led her to live her passion of empowering others to live their purpose, vision, truth and beauty. Her main objective is in rising vibration so “we can live from the frequency of love” and live the life we love.

Her intuitive nature allows her to see where you are ‘stuck’, and she is able to guide you to make an empowering plans in becoming freer of those blocks. Her purpose is being the clear channel of love and truth she is.

Loretta has 30 years of experience in Coaching, Energy healing work, Shamanic journey work, intuitive counseling, and she is the founder of FIT (Focused Intention Technique) a process for accessing and reversing effects of emotional pain, trauma, illness,and stress. She facilitates workshops and retreats all over the world.


Investment: $1400, registration deadline March 1, 2018

For New Credit  Register  with Jane Burning by emailing if you have questions please email

For  Edmonton register with Loretta, email

Prerequisites: Basic FIT Training and 28-day online practice group

Class Time:   9:30 am – 4 pm




The Intuitive Anatomy changed my life and my practice as a Physician.

The FIT Anatomy of Intuitive Energy Healing changed my life and my practice as a Physician. I am thankful that Loretta listened to her guides and developed both Focused Intention Technqiue and the FIT Anatomy of Intuitive Healing.  I have come to trust my own intuition and how I understand illness, disease and wellness.  Nyaweh Loretta.  Karen Hill

My world is changing daily.  I’ve been working at the core of my being and I found a wholeness I haven’t felt in 60 years!

Loretta , I just want you to know that taking the  FIT Anatomy of Intuitive Energy Healing course last April has brought sooo much life changing healing for me!! My world is changing daily.  I’ve been working at the core of my being and I found a wholeness I haven’t felt in 60 years! Thank you for bringing your teachings to my community of Six Nations of Grand River Territory ! Elva RoseJamieson

It does not feel like training as you work with your own self-healing along with others in their journey.

Intuitive Anatomy Training led by Loretta Mohl is an amazing self fulfilling journey. It takes you where you need to go awakening and trusting your intuitiveness that may or may not have been laying dormant. It opens endless opportunities to do your own inner healing work therefore, fine tuning and raising your own spiritual gifts to help others that you would love to help in a in-tune spiritual way. I would take this training over and over. It does not feel like training as you work with your own self-healing along with others in their journey.  Miigwech Loretta.  EdebwedOgichidaa-Val King

Intuitive Anatomy is like regular FIT on Steroids, there is no hiding from yourself and the traumas holding you back!

In March of 2016, I was exposed to my first FIT session. After I was curious about learning more of the useful tool, so I patiently waited for training to come up! In April of 2017, I completed my basic FIT training with Jane Burning & I left still feeling like I was only scratching the surface. That same month I was signed up for intuitive Anatomy, which I had no clue what I was getting into.

Intuitive Anatomy is like regular FIT on Steroids, there is no hiding from yourself and the traumas holding you back! I confronted surface issues in the beginning, fearing what I might truly uncover at first. But after the third day, I started wanting to get to my deeper issues by clearing out the traumas in my cellar memory that of my mother and grandmother; there was sexual abuse, and residue of residential school traumas.

Now almost a month after the training I am still using FIT everyday to rid myself of trauma, as Loretta says it’s like peeling layers of an onion! So I’m a work in progress….and for that I am forever grateful to have discovered FIT as my children will reap the benefits! Nyawęh Loretta. Gayeniyohsta’ Brooke


I now have a new appreciation of the effects of trauma, the patterns of limiting beliefs, the body systems and the energetic systems.

Healing though self-awareness, intuitive awareness, nervous system, muscular system, organ systems, energetic systems and self-love were the highlights of the 10 day FIT Intuitive Healing course.

I was humbled to be invited to share a sacred space with this group of beautiful, powerful, healing women. My understanding of the Anatomy of Intuitive Healing has been taken to a new level. I now have a new appreciation of the effects of trauma, the patterns of limiting beliefs, the body systems and the energetic systems. It is empowering to become the observer and witness what comes up when I do the work to heal limiting beliefs. Awakening resources within me to heal trauma is an amazing experience.

Awareness of transforming energy and generating a new vibration within my body and awakening resources that I needed to reverse trauma, to get unstuck were empowering. My body knows how to heal itself. I now have a tool that I can help myself and others release trauma from the body, FIT is amazing.

Intuitively going inside the body to view the organs and documenting what we saw and what they body was telling us was an amazing experience. Being in my body is a new sensation for me. I have been in my head for many, many years. Reflecting back, I have probably been out of my body since I was a child. It was too painful to be there. The cells remembered the pain and trauma from my childhood and I did not have the ability to heal from the trauma. Sure I had been to various therapies and read self help books, I had taken FIT before. My body was ready to do some deep healing and release the trauma on a cellular level.

A new awareness of my intuition assisted me with going inside my body and listening to the various messages that were being awakened. In my dreams I was being given various messages that assisted me to continue the healing work for the 10 days. My nervous system has been awakened to love, peace, ok-ness and being-ness, healing continues everyday, FIT continues to unravel the layers of triggers.

Nya weh Loretta for your teachings, the FIT process and assisting me to connect to my spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body. My sacred bundle that I was sent here with my Creator Shogwayadihs oh has been awakened and I intend to nurture this knowledge. Patty Doxtdator-Hill