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Join Loretta Mohl for a 5 Day Bali Healing Retreat – July 17-21, 2017

If you have lost her your inner  true vibration & you are done playing “Hide & Seek”, I invite you invoke her to come out and play at “Tapping into Your True Vibration Bali Retreat July 2017”. ~ Loretta Mohl

Immerse yourself in this 5 day Healing Retreat with Loretta where you will experience and engage various modern & ancient practices that have been creatively selected to take you into a deep & insightful journey to access your True Vibration, whilst maintaining her sense of SPIRITUAL WELLNESS.

Here I invite you into a safe space to work with processes such as FIT (Focused Intention Technique) TRE® (Tension & Trauma Release exercises), Vagus Nerve Toning, Chakra Clearing, Shadow work, and Energy Practices.

This transformational journey will focus significantly on releasing old “stuff”, which may be impacting on your physical or emotional health. We will access blocks and restrictions in a safe and grounded manner that allows release with loving acceptance.  We will engage various techniques to find ways of moving towards realization, connection and balance. Please note that all these tools have been chosen so you can continue to work with them at home for deeper release and further healing.

On this five day immersion into your Passion, Purpose and Power to tap-in and turn-on your True Vibration, you will:

  • Identify your blocks, limitations and shadows
  • Release, transform and integrate these issues
  • Become more present to your path, your gifts and your strengths
  • Meet your true-essence Self…your True Vibration
  • Reignite our authentic calling and mission
  • Celebrate yourself lovingly, and leave with a clearer focus of your purpose
  • Understand your visions and how you wish to share them in the world

On this five day adventure, you will find answers to the following questions:

  • What does it mean to be an awakened to my True Vibration?
  • What does it feel like to be that True Vibration, Authentic Self, with a Soul?
  • How do I want to experience Life, now I have discovered who I really am?
  • What do I have to offer that truly adds value to someone’s (or planet) life?
  • What did I love to do as a child that I have forgotten about or cared about?

13516249_970888333009546_2137349577075224885_nLORETTA is an intuitive healer, channel, visionary, artist, author, and coach.  Her early struggles and experiences brought her to seek her purpose, and eventually led her to live her passion of empowering others to live their purpose, vision, truth and beauty. Her main objective is in rising vibration so “we can live from the frequency of love” and live the life we love.

Her intuitive nature allows her to see where you are ‘stuck’, and she is able to guide you to make an empowering plans in becoming freer of those blocks. Her purpose is being the clear channel of love and truth she is.

Loretta has 30 years of experience in Coaching, Energy healing work, Shamanic journey work, intuitive counseling, Theta Healing, TFT, vision work,  and she created FIT (Focused Intention Technique) a process for accessing and eliminating core limiting beliefs and unresolved struck trauma, and stress. She facilitates workshops and retreats all over the world.

raise1 July 17-21, 2017


Retreat Processes

FIT work of Loretta Mohl

Hello I’m Loretta and I’m the founder of the FIT trauma reversing process.   I’m a counsellor, a coach, specializing in the human body, trauma, training workshops, and healing retreats.

Overtime who we think we are becomes weaved into our mind and if you don’t agree with what our mind has to tell us it creates an internal environment of chaos, resistance, struggle, emotional upset,  physical pain and sickness.

For years and years starting in 1988, I researched the effects of trauma and emotional pain and how to reverse the effects.  There was not much available when I started my healing journey so I became my own advocate and I began experimenting with different energy therapies, life style changes, and diet.

My favorite topic to talk about is the human body and more specifically the subconscious mind body connect and how it works.

It’s fascinating!!!

We are born with a blank slate and throughout our experiences we are programmed to have certain beliefs about who we are, what we can achieve in life, what type of person we should be.  From the ages of 0 to 6 we are like sponges absorbing everything around us because at this age our brain is in a hypnotic like state, or a theta brain wave state.   At this age 0 to 6 we are setting-up patterns and programs for life style, disease, depression, obesity, and the list goes on.

In this training experience I will walk you through the mechanics of the FIT process and how it works.  And how the mind, body, spirit, thoughts, disease, and who you think you are, are all inter-connected.   Then each day you will guide yourself and others using the FIT process to reverse those patterns and programs that are locked into your subconscious mind.

How is Trauma and disease correlated? 

Trauma does not have to be a fatal car accident, a death, returning from war, rape, abuse, in my mind the way I view trauma is, if you view the world, others, and self in one way and something happens to you and you view the world, others, and self in a different way that can be a traumatic circumstance.

What stressful life events happen they are recorded as “IS” and that creates a certain level of shock on the mind.  Stressors are both physical and psychological and cause inflammation to occur.  Reducing inflammation is the key to healing diseases.

Initial stress is not bad it’s the continual meaning we attach to the stress that is bad.  When we experience stress there is a recording in the subconscious mind, enough of these recordings overtime creates an over stress nervous system, which in return will cause an over production of stress hormones and a suppression on the immune system.

So the golden question, how do we reverse all of this?

The best way I found to take all text book studies off the paper into real life and to intervene and influence stress on the immunity is with an approach call Focused Intention Technique or FIT.


So I do this fascinating therapy called FIT.  What happens is I take the client to the first time a stressful event or events happened.   For example let’s take depression.   I’ll guide a client through an 11-step guided visualization that helps the client shift from conscious mind to subconscious mine.    It’s very a very amazing process. I ask the client to go to the first time they remember feeling depressed.

So what happens?

The subconscious links up with a specific memories tied to that aliment, physical pain, or emotional upset.

So it goes something like this… I was age 2 and my mother had to go to the hospital and I was left with strangers.   I was scared, confused, very upset.

And then I ask, “In that moment when you were 2 what decisions did you make about yourself, others, and the world?”  This questions helps guide the person to go within to the origin of the problem.

Then I ask in that moment when you made those decisions and felt that what about self, others and the world what did you need to feel different as a 2 year old?

The response went something like I needed to feel safe, loved, comforted, nurtured.  So at this point I direct them to awaken the resources as if it is happening right now.  Feeling their body with resources she/he needed in that moment.   In that moment is healing.

You cannot change what happened but you can change your perception and the heavy feelings the past memory holds.  You resolve the memory part and after that you do the same with other memories.

So what is this doing?

It is completely allowing the subconscious mind to cope with things it did not get to cope with in the past.  This reduces recorded stress carried around our whole life.  When the subconscious mind heals it allows the nervous system to relax.   When the nervous system relaxes there are less erratic signals.   When there are less erratic signals then the endocrine system does not need to be in a chronic state of fight and flight.

We can resolve the trauma around unresolved memories.  We carry our lives with us not only in our minds but all over our bodies.  Our bodies and minds are intrinsically connected.

And here is the take away…the body and the mind are resilient and have the innate ability to heal themselves.   Yet sometimes they just need a bit of guidance.   My wish for you is to be informed and to know there are resources out there to help you feel like your best YOU ever.

Many of us are told we’ll have this sickness and symptoms forever and to just accept this pathway of life but in reality I knew different and I was determined with every ounce of my being to get back to who I knew I was.  That person who existed deep down inside me.   And now I speak about trauma and chronic illness in the past.  Behind me no longer part of me.  If there is someone you know who does not feel good, please tell them there is hope.   If you can heal your mind you heal your life.   Here’s to you, your healthy mind, body, and spirit.  And here’s to never giving up the fight for your vitality.

Experience the joy of undoing those limitation through The FIT Process, and allow your body, mind, and soul to return to its true vibration, awakened, peaceful, passionate nature.

The retreat registration includes 1 coaching session with Loretta, which will be booked during the retreat.  The coaching sessions will help you get get laser focused on setting the tone for you to tune-in, tap-in, and turn on your True Vibration.    After you register Loretta will be in contact with you to schedule the sessions.

Vagus Nerve Toning- Raising Vagal Toning

The Vaguvagus_nerves nerve is considered the ‘holy grail’ of the nervous system and it mostly conveys sensory information about the state of the body’s organs to the Central Nervous System. Once it leaves the brain it winds its way down the body, and around the internal organs.

One key role that the Vagus nerve plays, is as the ‘reset’ button, to counteract our internal, automatic, ‘alarm’ system, resulting in the fight and flight response.

The vagus nerve can be thought of a superhighway that connects your body and your brain. It innervates most organs in the body; the messages zip along its five lanes of traffic with four lanes delivering information from the body to the brain and one lane moving information from the brain to the body. This is the most obvious physical representation of the mind-body connection. The vagus nerve both senses your internal environment (via its sensory neurons) and affects it (via its motor neurons). A lot of the nerve’s function depends on which way the information is going, from body-to-brain and brain-to-body pathways, the vagus nerve is a 2 way system. Nothing in the body works in isolation, when it comes to the vagus nerve it has a wide spread influence.  The secret recipe for de-stressing, healthy gut, less inflammation, and happy demeanor all lie in the higher resting vagal tone.

Another amazing fact about the vagus nerve is its connection to the seven chakras; these ganglions of nerves branch out to all of the seven centers of your body, kundalini snake (another name for the vagus nerve).

Nerve Pathways

When awareness is present, bodily tissue feels more vibrant, warm, flowing and alive.  When tissues are open to energy, they feel more vibrant, warm, flowing and alive. The nervous system is the ready pathway, the highway of light, for the energy to spread into the body.  This is a process that you will be bringing awareness to during the retreat.

Chakra Assessment and Journey

The Chakras are associated with the major nerve networks within the body, which connect from the brain/spine, via the major Vagus nerve, to the glands responsible for hormone production and the functioning of the body in general.

Chakras have been described as spiral vortexes that are associated with different colors. These “vortexes” are in control of the different strengths and weaknesses which exist within your body, mind and soul.  Exploring each of these energy centers awakens the kundalini snake or the vagus nerve, and will energize and heal your whole body.

We are more powerful than we ever realized and the wisdom that we have stored is limitless.  I’d like to help you uncover the wisdom that is locked away in your body, mind, and energy system so that you can shine your light and brilliance in all areas of your life!

You have 7 main energy centers that run through your body.  They begin in your sacrum and run up your spine ending just outside the top of your head. Each chakra represents life issues, corresponds to specific areas of your body.  Each of the associated body parts hold information about you and your life.

In this retreat journey, we will explore these energy centers and see what nuggets of gold are stored there waiting for your discovery.  The most beautiful thing about life is that we have choice, and if we do not like how our life is shaping up, we can examine our thoughts and beliefs to see where we can shift and make different choices.

Your seven energy centers are:

  • Root Chakra – Instinctual Need for Survival
  • Sacral Chakra – Pleasure Seeker
  • Solar Chakra – Power Driver
  • Heart Chakra – Searching for Love
  • Throat Chakra – Expressing Your Truth
  • Brow Chakra – Transcending Beyond Ego
  • Crown Chakra – Spiritual Awakening

Before the retreat Loretta will be emailing you an intensive chakra assessment to complete before arriving to the retreat.  The information that you generate from this assessment will help you to identify the blocks you will work on during the retreat.  During the retreat we will focus and work on 7 chakras. Understanding the information that your chakras have for you allows you to make choices to keep things as they are and do nothing different, or clear, balance and heal your chakras and the issues associated with them and then make empowered choices to support the pursuit of your goals.

TRE ® – Trauma Release Exercises

TRE®, or Trauma Releasing Exercises, is a simple technique that uses 7 easy stretches to release stress or tension from the body.  This may be “stuff” like anger, sadness, frustration, disappointment – that accumulates from every day circumstances of life or difficult situations (immediate or prolonged), or traumatic life experiences – natural and social disasters, social or domestic violence, sexual abuse, war and more.

The TRE® exercises help in releasing deep tension from the body by evoking a self-controlled muscular shaking – called neurogenic tremors. The uniqueness of this technique is that this shaking originates deep in the center of the body at the Psoas muscle, and can travel up the spine releasing on physical, biological, neurological and emotional levels.

TFT – Thought Field Therapy Tapping Technique

It is a valuable tool that anyone can learn and apply easily in life. It involves tapping with two fingers on Meridian energy points. It is a combination of ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology.

TFT can be used for healing traumas, releasing limiting thoughts, fears, phobias, reducing stress, pain and anxiety. This is a very powerful tool allowing you to tap into the body’s own energy and healing power.

Inner Journeywork

Innerimages journeywork is instinctive work, where we use our imagination and visualization capacity to connect to deeper parts of ourselves. We get answers from within, which bypass our rational thinking. This allows us to connect to our own inner guidance system, intuition, Truth, soul or subconscious mind. This can be a deep and transforming experience, or relaxing, enlightening, fun, creative and empowering

Vision/purpose work

A process to start becoming clear about your vision, purpose and power.

We will work with a set of questions designed to create clarity around our purpose in this lifetime, where lies our strengths and what are we passionate about.

Connecting with our life purpose is a powerful remembering of who we are and becomes a point of focus when making choices.

Shadow work

There are parts of ourselves we try to hide or deny, we push these deep into the subconscious mind and try and cover them up. We judge those parts to be unlovable and unworthy. Shadow work allows the person to identify, heal and reclaim those lost aspects. By meeting these parts and getting to know them we are becoming whole again. By bringing awareness, kindness and light to these parts, we are reclaiming a treasure and becoming more compassionate towards others and ourselves. Shadow work is inner work where we turn our weaknesses into strengths.

If you have lost her your inner  true vibration & you are done playing “Hide & Seek”, I invite you invoke her to come out and play at “Tapping into Your True Vibration Bali Retreat June 2017”. ~ Loretta Mohl


  •  5 days of  Tapping Into Your True Vibration with Loretta.
  • 2 Private Laser Focused Sessions with Loretta
  • FIT Manual

Investment: $ 500 USD

Location: TBA