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Level 2: Focused Intention Technique (FIT) Advance Training & Trauma Healing

In This FIT Advance Training You Will:Move beyond the fears, limiting beliefs, patterns, and stories that keep you stuck.

After years of study, deep intentional inquiry and personal healing experience here’s what I know for sure:

  • For healing to last you need to put yourself first. You won’t make a dent in reducing the stress and stuff until you’ve healed the patterns that created it. If you don’t feel SAFE, you won’t let go. Clearing is an inside job that begins and ends with you.
  • For healing to last you need to change your mindset. Healing is not something you “do” or squeeze into your life. It’s a way of life – a journey – that doesn’t always add up, make sense, or go in a straight line. Healing is not about “getting rid of.” It’s about identify and releasing of the blocks and thoughts that get in the way of realizing your true self and best life.
  • For healing to last you need to slow down and change how trauma effects the nervous and belief systems. Clearing old habits and resisting behaviors is not possible until you slow it …way… down. In a world that is all about speed, this requires awareness. Daily doses of it,  efforts applied consistently over time are the real game changer here.  Each applied healing is working on the reprogramming the nervous system and the whole self (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual).

In the FIT Advance training you will experience the magic powers of:

  • You will totally transform the way you think about yourself, what you believe is true, and what you think is possible.
  • You will ease into new ways of being that feel really good and last.
  • You will clear the emotional blocks stored within you that hold you back from your true power.
  • You will dive deeper into knowing and experiencing who you really are as you peel back the layers of fear, you will come to realize that everything you are seeking lies within you.
  • You will reconnect with the essence of who you really are and when you live from this space life becomes simply magical.
  • You will come to know what actions are right for you based on what your heart and intuition are guiding you towards. When you take action from this space it is effortless and fun and you will feel free to play so much bigger in your life.
  • You will step in to a space of receiving so you can claim and manifest what you truly desire
  • Self-Care. Nourish body, mind, and spirit; set clear boundaries and be your own best friend and advocate.


About Loretta Mohl, Trainer, Healer, Founder FIT

After 30 years of self-discovery and self-work, I founded the Focused Intention Technique and programs.    This process delves into where deep-seated problems are rooted—to bring traumas or limiting beliefs to the surface of the conscious mind, where they can then be permanently reversed and eliminated. Using this technique, I’ve helped countless people—coaches, healers, teachers, and other professionals—eliminate their traumas and limiting beliefs once and for all. And have given them the knowledge and steps to guide their clients and communities through the same process. So, if you are interested in learning how to use the Focused Intention Technique on yourself or others, or you’re a coach, healer, teacher, or other professional who has a heart-centered purpose to help others achieve lasting results that will change their lives and businesses, then this is the training is for you.