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Loretta Story

DSC_0024My Story

My life, as it looks today, is a perfect example of what can happen when you bust through limiting beliefs. Today I live a gorgeous life, with my ideal partner, gorgeous friends, unbounded freedom, and a business that thrills me.

Today, my work is my passion and my play, but it wasn’t always this way.

Growing up in a dysfunctional home as the third child of four, I felt alone and isolated. And yet, I always had a connection. In fact, I took myself to church in order to foster that connection with others, and with something greater than myself. I didn’t go for the religion; I went for the connection.

As a child, I was always attracted to helping people. For years, I wanted to be a registered nurse, but life lead me down a somewhat altered path and my education is in psychiatric nursing, justice, and addiction. In the early 80’s, I trained other addiction therapists, and worked as a counselor specializing in drug and alcohol addiction and group work.

Through that work, I saw the same problems, the same stories, shared over and over again, and yet a very small percentage of people were getting results.
The therapies that existed then weren’t creating lasting change, and I wanted to know why. I wanted to find a solution that would help people get to the origin of their issues and heal them.

At the same time, I knew I had my own issues. I wanted to be a soft, gentle, compassionate healer, but at the core of me was a kernel of anger that simply would not dissolve.  I was 24 and a single parent. My son became my monumental inspiration for change.
I wanted a different life for him than the one I had experienced.

I wanted to facilitate lasting and effective healing for others, and for myself, but I didn’t have the answers to help people in the way I wanted to help them.
So I began my search. For a decade, I learned every energy therapy available and taught them to others. Through this education and teaching process I saw that some people responded well to healing therapies, and others didn’t.

Again, I needed to understand why. There’s no question that they work, but why didn’t they work 100% of the time?
Fortunately, I have been able to study with a multitude of healers and was the recipient of two government grants, one for 2 years and the other for 5, where I worked with communities and observed what techniques worked and what didn’t.

During that research and through teaching others modalities, I finally got it.  I finally understood why and when healing works, and why it doesn’t.
The effectiveness of healing comes down to our fight or flight response. I learned that, when we don’t feel safe, we disconnect from our body, and when we’re disconnected from our body, we cannot heal.

I understood it, but I couldn’t see exactly how to apply it. So I continued to learn and teach other people’s modalities.
In April of 2009, I was teaching a Theta healing course, which at the time was the closest modality I had found to effectively dissolving energy blocks, when, in the middle of the class, a moment of clarity washed over me with such ferocity that I paused and said aloud to the 10 women in the room, “I can’t do this anymore, teach others therapies, I have speak my truth.”

Knowledge from 20 years of research and hundreds of client sessions culminated in that one moment, which led me to design a powerful and effective healing therapy called “Focused Intention Technique” or (FIT).

FIT is a systematic process that permanently removes negative beliefs and creates new and more powerful beliefs to replace them. The FIT System replaces and reprograms negative memories with new positive beliefs that move you closer to accessing your unlimited potential.
In September of 2009 I led my first FIT class to a room of 50 people. The results then, and since, have been astounding. Transformation that before would have taken 6 sessions was now accomplished in 1.

The process eliminates the cause 100% of the time. It is simple, effective, and, what I consider my biggest achievement with FIT, is that the process is easily taught to others so they can be self-empowered and self reliant.

Through my work, I’ve discovered that trust is the key component to heart centered healing, and I have mastered the ability to teach others to trust – me and themselves.  That trust is the foundation for rapid and lasting results.

Inner work doesn’t have to be hard and scary. It can be a liberating process of self-inquiry filled with profound aha’s and beautiful realizations. There is so much freedom and bliss to be found in this journey, and I cannot wait to share it with you.

I blend together a unique combination of Focused Intention Technique, intuitive guidance, and personalized mentoring to create deep, lasting change from the inside out. You will work closely with me to gain the support and guidance you seek to be able to break through to live the life you dream. No matter how many times I use the process and witness the rapid results on myself and others, the unlimited freedom and expansion that comes alive always brings joy to my heart and soul.

If you take nothing else from this page, take this: There is no need for suffering.
It is my greatest joy to empower you so that you may empower others. This is what I want for you, to have a happier and more fulfilling life from the insights and discovery that the FIT systematic process brings.

I wish you all the best on your journey and hope that the process we offer here will help you change your life and the lives of others.  We’re in this together.
I would love to stay connected with you and help you drop your limiting beliefs. If you’re curious to see what limiting beliefs are holding you back, email



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