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Unlimited YOU Book

37149_144526362259630_833422_nFor a great starting point—to a FIT Mindset, we offer our published book, Unlimited YOU. It is our companion to our more extensive mentoring and training. The book, Unlimited YOU, is NOT intended to be a complete training. The entire Focused Intention Technique™ System Training is covered in more detail in one of our Live The Life You Love seminars or through private online mentoring with Loretta.

Focused Intention Technique™ System or FIT is a powerful method developed for your own use that allows you to see amazing results quickly. The process is a series of question that gives you a step-by-step map on how to achieve your own limitless inner freedom and it is easy to learn.

FIT™ System is a doorway to your own innate, untapped potential. It will awaken and support the very best of what’s already in you. The FIT process for reopening and reawakening your heart and spirit, is easy to learn so you can face any situation past or present.

FIT™ System is a problem solving tool for accessing limiting beliefs, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, at the root cause to discovery a brand new way of seeing, thinking and being.

By the time you finish the book, you’ll have developed the understanding that there is nothing holding you back. You’ll recognize your limitations quickly and awaken your internal resources for peak performance. As a result, you’ll meet life’s challenges with ease, flexibility, and joy. Rather than just reaching your goals, you’ll exceed them.

In reading the book you will embark on a most amazing journey that will allow you to soar to greater heights of health, happiness, and peace. When you live from heart centered consciousness, the whole world is transformed by your light. As you read the book, do the exercises and the 28 day journey, it will help you tap into your creative center to awaken your own unlimited potential and Life Force Energy! Each person’s experience with reading the book and learning FIT Mindset System™ will be as unique as the individual him/herself. This tool will propel you into greater levels health, happiness, and peace.

Access the foundation of FIT™ in this book.  A great way to dip your toes into this transformational system.  Knowledge, great stories and exercises.

Loretta is dedicated to helping heart-based coaches, authors, practitioners, workshop leaders grow their business quickly. If you’re motivated and ready to do the work to bust through your business and personal block, check out the private mentoring program. With the right mindset you can grow your business in record time.

Ignite your potential and move forward in your greatest life and business.

Book Review

Unlimited You is the complete package

Unlimited You is a comprehensive guide taking you on a journey to self awareness and healing. This collaboration combines years of experience and knowledge into a manual for mapping the way to a deeper understanding of your authentic self.

This book will assist you in creating the life you desire. Loretta and Kathie have gathered the science of how you can truly become unlimited in your potential. Our logical mind may need the details and information in this book to understand the process of Focused Intention Technique but the authors have included the added bonus of how to experience FIT for yourself.

We are all responsible for our own lives and this tool empowers you to realize anything is possible if you choose to get connected to your body and do your work. It is not up to anyone else, it is our life and we need to embrace all we can be. Once you understand the science you can see there is no doubt we create our own reality.

FIT is simple and is now available to anyone who commits to living their full potential. You are working with core issues and limiting beliefs not just symptoms. True change needs to go back to the beginning for the transformation to be complete; Focused Intention Technique takes you there.

Not only have Loretta and Kathie explained why FIT works and how to practice this technique but they have also included a 28-day program to get you started. Unlimited You is a complete package outlining how you can become the best possible you and live a life filled with love, compassion and abundance. You are now equipped with a powerful tool to start your journey today! Patricia Omelian, Edmonton Alberta Canada


Unlimited You book — $20. (plus shipping, $7 in Canada, email for all other locations).

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