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What to Expect After Your First FIT Session

| July 8, 2015 | 0 Comments

by Loretta Mohl

????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Since FIT is a body based therapy, every person is different in how they experience the results to their FIT sessions. In my many years of conducting sessions with different people, I noticed that everyone has immediate results but the way people experience those results can be varied. After a few sessions, most people identify their patterns and know what to expect, although sometimes the first session might cause some to think that their session has not worked. I thought it might be helpful to those getting ready for their first FIT session to know what to expect after your first FIT session. Below are experiences from my students, clients and my own personal experience. Your experience might range anywhere between what’s written or perhaps something altogether new – which would be exciting indeed.



This is a pretty common occurrence. Sometimes the body needs to shut down for a quick nap to integrate all that has been released. People usually wake up refreshed and ready to go after the nap. If some don’t feel sleepy immediately after the session, then they tend to sleep deeply the night of their session.


makechangeKnowing something has changed but unable to pinpoint the change

Sometimes when I ask my clients if they notice any changes in their body, some can’t name the  feeling. It is a knowing that something is different but being unable to pinpoint what the change is. I am the same. It usually takes my body a day to integrate everything that has happened. But when the shift does take place, then there is a feeling relief, increased energy and happiness.


An immediate shift in energy

I have people who feel an immediate shift in energetic weight right after a session. These people can feel their world view change from an older view that wasn’t serving them to a newer one that is more positive. This shift can feel like your mood lifting, some people laugh out loud, some cry, some feel a calm settle in from years of feeling anxious. It’s a powerful feeling.


A release of old aches and pains

Many emotional issues manifest themselves in aches and pains in the body. When we release the old emotion that isn’t serving us and replace it with a new positive one, our body does not need to hold on to our old aches and pains either. Some people might feel an immediate release while others see their old pains slowly melt away within days.


Reconnection to your body

Often times when things get too difficult, we disconnect from our bodies in order to avoid the pain. Or maybe our bodies disconnect from us. When we work on living with an open heart by eliminating the underlying issue that is holding us back, it creates new ways for our bodies to connect with us.


No recollection of original symptoms

Many times immediately after a session, my clients can’t recall the original symptoms that brought them to me. When quizzed about their past issues they react as if it was an issue long dealt with and forgotten. Issues like inability to sleep, being frozen in fear, unable to think clearly are brushed off as “Oh it isn’t a problem any more,” right after a session.

The most important thing to remember is that you can expect change because the underlying problem issue is eliminated during a FIT session, it rewrites our old story and creates a new way we connect to self, others, and the world. Each person will manifest this change differently either in a great big “Aha!” moment, or in small changes that will eventually blossom.

The important thing is that we continuously care for ourselves – a simple promise that even the best of us can sometimes fall behind on. There is only good things to be gained when we make time for inner work. In my next article I shall talk about the benefits of making time for inner work. I’ll share with you a story of a client who made the effort and the change it made in her life. Stay tuned.

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Loretta Mohl is a trained counselor, and founder of the Focused Intention Technique. She’s practiced and taught every energy modality under the sun, and delights in helping ambitious women all over the world wake-up their brilliance and unlimited potential, by teaching them how to eliminate unconscious blocks.
The best selling author of Unlimited You abandoned the harsh Canadian winters for a permanent residence in Playa del Carmen, Mexico where she lives with her loving husband, Francis, practices yoga, and delights in daily walks where the sea kisses the sand.

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