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I coach heart-centered ambitious women who are ready to wake-up their brilliance and unlimited potential, while they embrace who they are, their purpose, and start living the life they DREAM with power and presence.

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My work is about coaching you to seeing the truth of who you are: it’s about getting raw and real, connected, embodied, and getting heard.   I love witnessing someone discover an unconscious limitation, shake its hand, eliminate it, and take new actions to make intentions real and manifest.

I love the dance of deep listening and the magic that becomes possible when I meet someone right where they are, in this moment.

I love when BIG STUFF happens right before my eyes.

Think of me as guide, freedom-focused coach, thinking-partner, and creative collaborator.

My Story

My life, as it looks today, is a perfect example of what can happen when you bust through limiting beliefs. Today I live a gorgeous life, with my ideal partner, world travel, incredible friends, unbounded freedom, and a business that thrills me.

Today, my life and work are lived with much passion and much play, but it wasn’t always this way, click here to read more.

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Women’s Personal Growth Coach.


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Loretta Mohl, women’s personal development coach.  She coaches heart-centered ambitious women on a mission, with a focus on waking-up their brilliance and unlimited potential.  She is the best selling author of Unlimited You, abandoned the harsh Canadian winters for a permanent residence in Playa del Carmen, Mexico where she lives with her loving husband, Francis, practices yoga, and delights in daily walks where the sea kisses the sand.




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